Android Battery Doctor 2.4

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1-Click Battery Booster! Install this Android Battery App & double your battery life on any Android phone. Click MORE to learn more.
The Android Battery Doctor frees up your critical CPU resources which reduces the load on your battery, improving performance by up to 100%.

"So easy. I tried other battery saving apps... but they were so confusing. I LOVE the 1-Click Turbo Boost button. Works Great on my Android HTC Desire Battery "
- Lauren
"Brilliant Battery Saver App - saw a definite improvement in my battery life! - HTC Droid Incredible"
- Jim
"I absolutely love this battery app! I no longer have to charge my phone twice a day, now once every day or two. Brilliant! - Samsung Epic 4G"
- Samantha
"I got this app for the battery booster. But its best feature could be the security review. Awesome. My LG Optimus 3D is happy now!"
- Jason
"Works as it says - a really great app! My phone has so much more battery power now."
- John
"I really like this battery app- I am no longer tearing out my hair trying to keep my battery charged - now it lasts all day on just a single charge. Phone = Motorola Droid Bionic"
- Conner
"A real life saver, literally. I am now only charging my Samsung Galaxy SII once every two days - it has eliminated a major hassle from my life!"
- Colin
"Best Android Battery App on the market!!! Google Nexus S"
- Cynthia
"Wondrous! My Android Battery Capacity is Better than Ever! My HTC Thunderbolt loves it."
- Jane
"Now my Motorola Atrix 4G battery charge lasts all day until I plug it in again at night. Can't believe how much time it has saved me. My HTC Desire Battery loves this app "
- Mark

This update frees up resources which reduces the load on your battery, improving performance by up to 100%.
Top features to help you easily and efficiently manage your Android mobile phone!
Android Battery Doctor is one of the most powerful and comprehensive management tools to improve your Android phone's performance. It speeds up your phone's running speed and saves battery through its top features.
PLUS this version comes with additional safety of Android Doctor's App Security Review that shows you instantly which apps are potential security or privacy risks. An absolute MUST have for your Android.

★-----Super Simple At-A-Glance Android Battery Overview------★
No confusing lists and technical mumbo-jumbo. Clean, quick overview shows your current charge, CPU load, and memory Usage. A single click to instantly "Turbo Boost" your battery and another to optimize your Android settings for longer battery life.

★-----Complete Android Battery Manager------★
Instantly see critical details about your current battery levels, including health, charge level, and even whether it is running too hot.

★-----Security Audit------★
Immediately see which apps you have installed that could present a security or privacy risk to you. This critical feature protects you and your Android from malicious apps.

★-----Task Killer/Advanced Task Manager------★
The task killer in Android Battery Doctor allows you to kill processes on your Android quickly and easily. The best process manager available.
* Note: The task killer functionality is not necessary for Android 2.2 and higher, since it is now managed by Android itself.

★-----Bulk Uninstaller------★
It's not enough just to kill unwanted or potentially dangerous tasks. Android Battery Doctor's App Uninstaller allows you to quickly and easily remove multiple unwanted apps from your Android device in a single click.

★-----Easy Installer------★
Quickly install non-market apps from your SD card to your Android device.
✔Simple, quick & easy to use
✔Ultimate Android Booster (memory booster / ram booster)
✔Shows the memory & processes effecting it for optimizing
✔One-click Turbo Battery Booster
✔One-click task killer widget
✔#1 Battery Saver in the Android Marketplace
✔Increase Battery Life by up to 100%

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